Summer 2020 Book Recommendations

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Summer is just around the corner -- can you believe it? We can’t! -- and our minds have been buzzing with the question: what will this summer look like? 


COVID-19 has affected many things, including changing summer plans and hopes. While we are starting to open bak up, there is a lingering worry of too much socialization while we wait for a vaccine for the virus. 


Now more than ever, we are looking to things we can do at home and on our own. This is why we wanted to provide you with a summer reading list; whether you’re at your house, in the backyard, in the car, or even if you make it to the beach, your kids will have the opportunity to expand their imaginations with fun books. 


Here are a couple of our suggestions -- we’re sure you will all find plenty of other interesting reads, as well, and we can’t wait to hear about them once we return in the fall! 


  • The Bridge Home, by Padma Venkatraman

    • Described as, “In this powerful story of loss and forgiveness, sisters living on the streets of Chennai, India, forge a family bond with two boys who help them survive by scavenging trash. When they’re forced to leave their secret bridge home for a mosquito-ridden cemetery, sickness strikes the youngest sister and one of the boys. In desperation, the older sister tentatively trusts an adult stranger with her sister’s urgent medical situation.” View here

  • Shouting at the Rain, by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

    • Described as, “Delise has lived with her grandmother ever since she was abandoned by her mother as a baby. Now she’s struggling with her best friend’s abandonment, too. In fact, she feels like her entire life is a storm about to hit. Honest, relatable characters come to life in this memorable story of heartbreak and love.” View here

  • We’re Not from Here, by Geoff Rodkey

    • “The ruling species on planet Choom don’t want human settlers like Lan and his family moving in. At first, Lan’s family tried to assimilate into the emotionless world, but when the government anti-human propaganda starts, Lan decides to try a different approach. It’s a sci-fi story with dark humor, fake news, and alien bugs that skillfully addresses immigration, communication, and relationships.” View here

  • The Giving Tree, by Shel. Silverstein

    • “And now, children, your Uncle Shelby is going to tell you a story about a very strange lion- in fact, the strangest lion I have ever met." So begins Shel Silverstein's very first children's book, Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back. It's funny and sad and has made readers laugh and think since it was published in 1963. It was followed the next year by three more books. The first of them, The Giving Tree, is a moving story about the love of a tree for a boy. Shel returned to humor the same year with A Giraffe and a Half, delighting readers with a most riotous ending.” View here

  • Amazing Adventures, by Malia Richards

    • Follow Malia on many adventures with her friends and family -- a book written by a young reader, for a young reader. View here

  • Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell

    • The New York Times Book Review described, “Take our word for it: this book is easy to love. Take John Green’s word for it, too: ‘Eleanor & Park reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book.’” View here

  • The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusak

    • “It’s about books. It’s about a young girl named Liesel Meminger. It’s a novel of the Holocaust narrated by Death. It’s also a moving masterpiece of young adult literature that everyone should read at least once.” View here

  • The Giver, by Lois Lowry

    • “This young adult dystopian classic introduces readers to Jonas, a 12-year-old boy in a colorless community of conformity. He soon learns that all is not as placid as it seems.” View here.

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