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Weather/calamity day info

From Superintendent Angela Smith:

The return of winter reminds us of what living in the “snow belt” is all about. Frigid temperatures, snow, wind and icy road conditions are all a part of winter life in Madison. When these conditions become a hazard for students and staff, they can also cause school to be closed.

Of all the decisions I have to make, whether or not to close school is one of the most difficult. Whatever the decision, there will be those who disagree with it. If possible, I will make the decision to close school the evening prior to the day that school will be closed. Usually, however, decisions cannot be made until early morning. I try to make a final decision by no later than 6 am. If you don’t hear a news report; or receive a phone call or text message from Infinite Campus; or see a notice on the homepage of the District website, you should assume that school will be in session. Please log into your Infinite Campus account and be sure your phone numbers are correct so that you will receive these important calls and text messages.

When I decide to close school, in addition to sending the Infinite Campus phone call and text message, I will also notify the following:

TV3 WKYC  *  TV5 WEWS  *  FOX8 TV  *  TV 19 WOIO (also covers a broad range of affiliated channels)
WFUN/WREO 97 AM/FM  *  WTAM 100 AM *  WZPP 102 FM  *  WKKY 104.7 FM

Over 25 participating media and sister stations also receive notification through these contacts.

Delayed opening/early dismissal
The school district also has plans for delayed school opening and early dismissal when weather conditions require an abbreviated school day. I am reluctant to use them, however, because many parents work or make plans around the scheduled times their children are safely at school. If you have not yet done so, please arrange plans with your children for what they should do in case of delayed school openings or early dismissals.

Please be courteous to our drivers!
On days there is school, but the weather is not good, please show courtesy to our bus drivers. Driving in the winter can make you tense enough, but try it sometime with 60 children aboard! Cooperating with the drivers on the road and having your child ready on time at the bus stop is truly appreciated.

District activities when school is closed
When school is closed for weather or other unexpected reasons, so are all school district activities. This includes our Latchkey Program. If the school day has already started and an emergency early dismissal is arranged, Latchkey will start early services for students who normally attend the program. If an event is scheduled for that day, listen to news reports to see if it has been canceled. I may allow practices and events on snow days, but only if road conditions have significantly improved during the day.


When we are in the midst of challenging weather or if we must call off school for any other reason, we appreciate your flexibility and patience. We work to make the best decisions and ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you!