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Managing the high school athletic programs.

Education / Curriculum

The Curriculum Department leads and supports all educational processes within Madison Schools.  The department works with teachers and support staff to build a curriculum that will prepare all students to lead productive lives.

Facilities Management

The Maintenance Department staff, under the direction of the Physical Plant Director, maintains all external and internal property of the school district.

Nutrition Services

Mary Bender

Administrative Assistant



Pre-School and Adult Education (GED)

Recognizing the wide range of children's learning styles and providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment.

The ABLE program provides "learning with the adult in mind."


Pupil Services

Working to provide services and support to the special education needs of identified students.


The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of, and is appointed by, the Madison Local Board of Education.

The Superintendent is responsible for administering all aspects of school district affairs in accordance with federal and state laws, the standards and regulations of the Ohio Department of Education, and the adopted policies and rules and regulations of the Madison Local Board of Education.

Responsible for the administration and supervision of the school district, the Superintendent is the professional advisor of the Board and leader of both the teaching staff and support staff.  Since division of labor is essential for managing a large organization, it is expected that the Superintendent will delegate portions of the administrative tasks to building principals and appropriate staff.  The responsibility for all activities within any building during school hours belongs to the person deemed accountable to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent exercises leadership and contributes to worthwhile civic activities and enterprises for the benefit of the entire Madison community.


The Information Technology Department directs the effective delivery and continuous improvement of telecommunications and technology programs and services throughout the school district.


The transportation policies of the Madison Local Board of Education are aimed at providing a safe, efficient and economical method of getting students to and from school, and to other extracurricular activities.  

Treasurer / Finance

Charged with the management of all school funding to ensure that budgets and expenses are controlled.